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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Debt Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easy Debt Management?

Easy Debt Management is a simple way of paying your bills and paying them on time with minimal effort.

How does it work?

You identify the bills you want to pay, the amount to be paid, the payment date and the payment cycle and set up a direct debit with Easy Debt Management. We do the rest.

What bills can I pay with Easy Debt Management?

You can use Easy Debt Management for most of your bills. You can use it to pay your home loan, rent, utilities bills, car payment including insurance and registration, your phone bill, rates and strata levies, personal loans payments both secured and unsecured, insurances of all types, Foxtel, Flexirent payments, school fees and child care fees, your ATO payments and your credit card payments. If you are uncertain ask us.

What do I have to do?

When you first contact Easy Debt Management you will need to tell us which bills you want paid, give us the account details such as the name of the creditor, the account number, the amount to be paid and when. For example you call Easy Debt Management and say you want the following bills to be paid:

  1. Rent. This is to be paid to ABC Real Estate Agent for the property you rent at 123 Smith Street, Jones Town. The amount to be paid is $350 a week and you want it to be paid every second Friday for the amount of $700.
  2. Car payment. This is to be paid to Toyota Finance. The account number is 7750450. The amount to be paid is $350 each fortnight.
  3. Health Insurance. This is to be paid to HCF for account number 46777512 and is $100 a month.

You are paid your salary every fortnight and on a fortnightly basis you bills total $1073. Easy Debt Management will set up a direct debit and debit your bank account for this amount plus fees. Easy Debt Management will pay these bills for you and on time.

So there are fees. How much will it cost me?

We will charge you 99 cents a day regardless of the number of bills you want paid through Easy Debt Management. We will direct debit the fees from your account when we direct debit the money required to pay your bills. For example your bill payments total $1073 each fortnight and Easy Debt Management will direct debit your account each fortnight. The Easy Debt Management fees are 99 cents a day or $13.86 a fortnight and this will be added to the amount debited. In this example the direct debit will be $1086.86.

What happens if my direct debit fails?

If this happens we will inform you immediately by email or sms. We will let you know the balance of your account and ask what you want to do. You have three options. You can:

  1. 1. make an extra payment to cover the failed direct debit.
  2. pay the bills yourself.
  3. use the balance in your account (if any) to pay some of your bills. If this is the case you will nominate which bills you want Easy Debt Management to pay; the rest will be your responsibility.

Should you not respond within 7 day from the date we contacted you then we will assume you no longer want to use the Easy Debt Management service. In this case we will cease any future direct debit from your account and inform you in writing that Easy Debt Management is no longer responsible for paying your bills. If there is any money in your account it will be refunded.

What happens if I want to add an extra bill or remove an existing one?

That is easy. If you want an extra bill or bills to be paid through Easy Debt Management or remove an existing bill from the service just let us know by either sending an email or sms.

What do I do if I want to stop using Easy Debt Management?

You can cease using Easy Debt Management at any time. You just need to notify us by either email or sms that you no longer require the service and your account will be closed within 48 hours and should there be any funds in your account they will be refunded to you.

How will I know if my bills have been paid?

You will have online access to your Easy Debt Management account which will show you which bills have been paid, when and how much; the balance in your Easy Bill Account and the next scheduled payments for each of your bills.

How do I make payments to Easy Debt Management?

Easy Debt Management will direct debit your nominated bank account.

How often will I be direct debited?

Easy Debt Management can direct debit your nominated account on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly cycle. The choice is yours. This allows you to select a payment cycle which best suits your own financial position.

What happens if I cannot make the payment?

You will need to contact us as soon as you know your direct debit will fail.

Will I receive copies of my bills?

No. Bills will go directly to Easy Debt Management. We will provide you with printable tax invoices via our online web portal.

What if I dispute my bill?

You are still responsible for verifying the accuracy of your accounts and should contact your biller immediately if you believe there is an error in the amount you have been charged.

What are my obligations?

Easy Debt Management expects you will provide the correct information regarding your creditors; accurate account reference numbers and accurate payment amounts. We also expect you to inform us if your circumstances change and there are any changes with your creditors for example if you change your phone provider. However we can only pay your bills if we have the funds to do so. Therefore you must ensure that you have the funds in your account on the nominated days we will direct debit your account. If there are no funds then we cannot pay your bills and they become your responsibility.

We are here to help

It takes time and organisation to make sure all your bills are paid on time and each time they are due. Paying your bills on time is especially important now because this information is recorded on your credit report. With Easy Debt Management you can set up one direct debit and let us do the work for you.